Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MKD: Computer Programming 1 Final Exam

GUI POS Program of a Food Chain or Retail Store
Point-of-sale (POS) is the place where a retail transaction is completed. It is the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services. At the point of sale the retailer would calculate the amount owed by the customer and provide options for the customer to make payment. The merchant will also normally issue a receipt for the transaction. The goods sold file and the inventory file must also be updated.
Create a GUI application in Java that executes a point-of-sale transaction. You can choose either a fast food chain or a retail store.
• Products must be displayed on the GUI application
• The program must summarize all the products selected/ordered.
• The program must compute and display the total amount/price
• The program must accept the cash tendered from the customer and must compute the change
• The program must have a quantity feature.
• Pictures of the products are optional (but will earn you additional points).
• These are just minimal requirements, you can add up other features.
• You must have different products or items to display on the POS program.
• Make a name of your store.
• To guide you on the design, you can search in Google Image for POS program examples.
• You can add/use any JAVA GUI components (buttons, combobox, listbox, radiobutton, checkbox, textarea, etc.) you believe that is necessary for the POS program.
• Save your work (project folder: LastnameFinalExam) to a CD.
• Submit it on or before March 20, 2014.
I need to see your initial design on Wednesday (March 11).


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prog1 Final Exam Batch 2

Odd and Even Detection

Write a program that will ask a number and display whether it is odd or even.

            ENTER A NUMBER: 27
            IT IS ODD.
            ENTER A NUMBER: 4
            IT IS EVEN.
            ENTER A NUMBER: 24
            IT IS EVEN.
            ENTER A NUMBER: A
            ENTER A NUMBER: 0

The program will keep prompting the user for a number.

If the user enters an invalid input (e.g. a letter or a number with decimal value), it will print “INVALID INPUT”.

If the user will input 0, the program will print “GOODBYE”. Then, it will automatically exit.


Prog 1 Final Exam Batch 1

Simple Calculator

Create a program that will have actions as a simple Calculator. It should display a menu

Welcome to My Calculator

Enter first the operation
A – Addition
S – Subtraction
M – Multiplication
D – Division
Q – Square
C –Cubed
E – Exit

Enter you choice:

If the user enters either, A, S, M or D, the program should again ask for two values to enter.

Enter first value:
Enter second value:

Then it will display the sum, difference, product or quotient.

If the user enters either Q or C, the program should again ask the user to enter only one value
            Enter a value:
Then it will display either squared valued or cubed value.

In the menu, if the user enters E, the program should print “Thank you for using My Calculator.” And automatically exit the whole program

If the user enters neither of the choices, the program should print “Wrong Choice. Run again the My Calculator.” And the whole program will exit.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

MIS BA Final

Final Exam for MIS BA


Sunday, October 7, 2012

QS Final Case Study 1

Discuss at least TEN assistive technologies for physically disabled, visually impaired, deaf, cognitively disabled and etc. Include a picture each. Discuss its description, features and its available brands and prices.


  • post your answers in your weebly
  • Do not copy from your classmates.
  • This must be posted on or before October 10, 2012 10:00 pm


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MIS HRM Final Project

  • Adopt a company to interview and study. Gather the information about their IT resources such as hardware, software and network they use in their company. It must be a hotel,motel, apartelle, fine-dining restaurant or coffee shop


IT Infrastructure of Hotels and Restaurants

I. Introduction
II. Company Background
III. Hardware Infrastructure
IV. Software Infrastructure
V. Network and Connection Infrastructure
VI. Social and Ethical Issues of IT
VII. Curriculum Vitae


  • It must be submitted on or before October 19, 2012
  • Short, Arial, 11, 1.5 spacing
  • Include a frontpage and table of contents
  • Minimum of 15 pages each.

The front page should look like this :


Samson Polytechnic College of Davao

(name of the company and logo)

IT Infrastructure of Hotels and Restaurants

Submitted to:

Mark Van M. Buladaco
Instructor, MIS

Submitted by:




Monday, October 1, 2012


Answer the following case problems below:

A.    Identify the type of information system that clerical workers in an organization would typically use and why. Describe how they will be going to use it.
B.    Industry studies indicate that mobile and wireless technology has become one of the major technology drivers. Why is this the case and what is (are) the impact(s)?


  • Post your answers in your weebly
  • Deadline: October 4, 2012
  • Refrain form copying word by word from the Internet. You can rephrase.
  • Minimum of 250 words per item.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PROFET: Case Study 2

Question no. 1:

"Automating a mess will result to an automated mess."

Explain this quote

Question no. 2:

Prominent book authors said that technology is the biggest contributor to climate change; in your capacity as an IT student hoe would you address this global problem? Enumerate steps and actions to be taken.

Question no. 3:

How do you distinguish a professional from other kinds of workers? Does someone who completes for only a two-year course in Technical can be classified as a professional? Defend your answer


  • Please refrain from copying word by word from the Internet. Use quotation marks to cite statements that are not yours.
  • Make your own answer do not copy with your classmate.
  • Post your answers on your WEEBLY!
  • Your answers should be at least 300 words each questions


Monday, September 17, 2012

PROFET: Case Study 1

Question no. 1:

Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, what innovations/technologies would you introduce/contribute to improve the quality of life?

Question no. 2:

You have learned that a friend of yours is developing a worm to attack the administrative systems at your institution of learning. The worm is “harmless” and will simply cause a message – “Let’s party” – to be displayed on all workstations connected to the computers on Friday at 3 pm to 4 pm the virus will erase itself and destroy all evidence of its presence. What would you do?


  • Please refrain from copying word by word from the Internet. Use quotation marks to cite statements that are not yours. 
  • Make your own answer do not copy with your classmate.
  •  Post your answers on your WEEBLY!
  • Your answers should be at least 300 words each questions


Monday, March 12, 2012

HCSD Data Structure Binary tree Quiz

In a one whole sheet of paper, write your answers for the following questions:

A. construct a binary tree based on the following values


B. Construct a binary tree based in the following values and Identify the traversal order of the following:
- preorder
- inorder
- postorder


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